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If you’re interested in building a well lived joyful life you’ve come to the right place.  In 2016 a new approach for health, work, love and play emerged at Stanford University.   Design Engineers Bill Burnett and Dave Evans published: “Designing Your Life, How To Build A Well-Lived Joyful Life” 

The book has become a world wide phenomena.  The authors encourage people of all cultures and ages to come together to work in small (5-6 people) design teams.  These diverse groups support one another in creating individual unique life designs.  The book provides structured exercises and tools to guide the teams through the design process.

The Designing Your Life class was developed to help Stanford students figure out what they wanted to “be” when they grew up.  The class became one of the most popular classes at Stanford and the demand became so great that rather then turn students away Bill and Dave wrote the book.  It turns out that anyone, anywhere, at any stage of life can start living “Life by Design.”

The authors apply design engineering methods to solve life’s most difficult problems.  Design engineers refer to complex design challenges as “wicked problems.”  The tools that guided Apple design teams to develop a revolutionary concept like the “mouse” are used by you and your design team to construct your “Life by Design.”

Life by Design  takes you, the designer, on a journey of self-discovery.  Life by Design is a continuous evolution resulting in a life deeply rooted within one’s essence.  The design process is not about thinking your way forward it’s about building your way forward.  Are you ready to discover your unlimited possibilities? (more)