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My post employment “retirement” adventure into the unknown.

cropped-Dane-Photo.jpgI’m an “Intrepid Elder” charting a course of discovery.  What will I do when employment no longer consumes my life?  Do I have a purpose and a life plan?  No.  Am I confident my financial resources will carry through to the end?  No.  I’ve no idea where I’m headed, but… everything is about to change.

I heard an interview with Bill Burnett and Dave Evans.  They were discussing their new book Designing Your Life How to Build a Well Lived Joyful Life.  As I listened I thought, “This is exactly what I need!”

You can listen to the interview here: http://thedianerehmshow.org/shows/2016-10-03/using-design-theory-to-build-a-better-life

I bought the book and decided my life needed the methods taught at Stanford school of design.  I figured the same methods used to come-up with Apple’s mouse could certainly transform my life.

I share my excitement with anyone who’ll listen.  I’m looking for partners to keep me on track and motivated.  The book advises to create a Designing Your Life community of practice. The authors have begun to create this community.  They are posting videos to help people understand how to work the model.  I learned that most people I spoke with were are also interested in designing their lives.  All of a sudden, BAM! I knew I wanted to participate in an Oklahoma Designing Your Life community of support.  Designing Your Life  “Design Teams” are the core of the process.  The teams consist of  5-6 individuals working the model. Are you interested being part of a team?  click here.

Note:  This blog is under construction so bear with me as I learn word press and develop content.  Feel free to contact me at dane@danesworld.net.  Join the adventure.