Treatment Rocks is a gift from the cancer center staff, support groups, volunteers, and community. You are not alone.
  1. Many people believe in the healing qualities of rocks and stones.
  2. The ancient Egyptians used rocks and stones primarily for protection and health.
  3. A talisman is an object or rock believed to have magical properties which can draw good fortune to the possessor.


On the table are rocks found by volunteers

One set of rocks are natural and the others have been tumbled and polished.

They are all metamorphic rock, which mean they were transformed over time by intense heat and pressure.  These rocks were shaped over the centuries through: wind, water, and sand.  They journeyed thousands of miles to finally arrive in Oklahoma City. These natural rocks represent your experience prior to treatment.

The other rocks have been machine tumbled and polished over several weeks, specially for you. These stones represent the challenges of your treatment. They also represent the hidden beauty and blessings which are soon to be discovered.

Shut your eyes and imagine feeling health, peace, joy and happiness.

Gaze at the two sets of stones and select a natural and polished stone. These are your Treatment Rocks.

Hope sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible.

With Love,

Treatment Rocks

You are invited to the Center’s workshops and support groups.  If you need anything or have questions contact a social worker at the supportive care clinic on 405-271-4385.